Collateral materials designed for my wedding.
The theme for the wedding was travel and the design was based around the skylines of all of the cities we have visited over the years. As both my wife and I are graphic designers the wedding was designed from the initial invitations to the flag (below) that now flies in front of our home. 
Jolly Jones Family Crest (Flag)
Wedding Invitation
Designed envelope free, the invitation folded in on itself and was secured with 2 clear sticky dots on either end. 
Invitation Interior - Blank white panel on right was used for postal information.
Invitation Front and Interior Panels
Weddeing Program
Explained everything that was going on throughout the day and why one ring is not a complete circle. 
Photograph by Pete Redel
Sample spread from the wedding program. 
Guests Passports
Seat placecards were defined by the city skylines of cities my wife and I have visited. The passports were 8 panel z-folded, the extra space was for guests to go around to each others "cities" and get a passport stamp from their table.
Photograph by Pete Redel
Guest Passport
Food choice was indicated by the icon in the top left corner of the passport. 
My Passport
My wife's passport and mine had the entire city scape. We actually forgot to get two stamps, one for our table and one for a guest table. The guest table was quickly annexed by a neighboring table. My wife and I were overrun with guests asking where our stamp was, lesson to be learned, count 500 times, order once and you still might get it wrong. 
Center piece vase wraps were based on the city skyline my wife and I have visited and used as seat locators. 
Photograph by Pete Redel
The cake was created by the chefs at 2941 based on our initial concept of the cake forming an abstract sky and clouds above the skyline. Skyline Stencil and Cake Topper were designed by my wife and I. 
Photograph by Pete Redel

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